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We Take Pride in Delivering Exceptional Washes With Great Service

Our team works quickly but thoroughly, so you get a shining car in just a matter of minutes. We have five different car washes to fit your automotive needs, be it a quick and simple cleaning or an intensive cleaning with a protective coating. We also have vacuums and detailing products onsite so the inside of your car can be as spotless and fresh as the outside. We offer four different washes.

Rain. Dust. Road Work. Birds. Puddles. And more.

If you like a clean car, every day is a challenge. But with an Wash Club membership from Mr. Fancy Pants’ Carwash, you can have a clean car as often as you like…up to once a day – EVERY DAY!

Lava Shield – $40.99/month per vehicle

Hot Wax – $33.99/month per vehicle

Big Kahuna – $24.99/month per vehicle

Beach Comber – $15.99/month per vehicle

Stay Clean! Monthly price includes daily car wash.

Save Money! Pay for your monthly Wash Club Membership in about two and a half visits. (One regular Lava Shield = $18)

Save Time! No stopping to swipe your card. Club members enjoy automatically activated washes.

Cancel at any time! Membership is month-to-month and you are free to cancel your membership at any time.

Stop in to join the Wash Club today!

Wash Club FAQ

What does membership include?

Membership allows you to wash your car once a day every day.

Is membership month to month?

Yes. No long-term contract. Stay a member as long as you like.

Is my credit card charged monthly?

Yes. Your card will be automatically charged each month on the same date.

Do each of my vehicles need its own membership?

Yes. They can all be paid for with the same credit card but must have their own memberships.

How often can I use the wash?

As often as needed. Every day if you like.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Speak to any of our team members about package options and they’ll set you up.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel any time buy filling out the form below and submitting. Please send seven days prior to your monthly renewal date to avoid billing next month.

  • If you don't have an RFID # please put "N/A" in the above field.
    72 hours required for your cancellation to be completed.

Express Wash With Vacuum

$6 Beach Comber Car Wash – With our signature soft cloth wash, you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car off the lot. Six bucks isn’t much to pay for that new car feeling, is it? This wash takes little time, and we promise it will leave your car glistening and sleek, and you’ll leave with a smile on your face

Looking for a deal? Our Manager’s Special combines all the benefits of our Lava Wash and includes a $3 discount on our Hot Wax treatment when selected. Available only at the Express location.

Lava Shield

$18 Lava Shield Car Wash – Check out our Newest service available. This comes with all the bells and whistles of the Big Kahuna wash, plus a four-step process to seal in the shine and really protect your car from sun and dirt damage. It starts with the Lava Bath, a deep chemical cleansing process, then the Lava Shine to really set that sparkle in. After we rinse and cure it, we apply a sealant wax to your car, called the Lava Seal, to add an extra, more durable layer of protection and shine.

The Big Kahunas

$10 Big Kahuna Car Wash – Ready for the next level and really want your car to look fancy? Try our Big Kahuna car wash. Throw in the undercarriage wash, tire & wheel cleaning, and a triple-foam conditioner, and you’re all set.

$15 Big Kahuna with Hot Wax – If you like the sound of the Big Kahuna but want to take it just a little bit further, try it with the HOT WAX TREATMENT & TIRE SHINE.

Visit Us Today and Let Us Make You Feel Fancy!